6 Week Spring Challenge

Lose Weight, Get Tone and Feel Alive & Youthful On This 6-Week Body Tranformation Challenge. Everything Is Included. Coaching, Meal Plans, Accountability and a LOT OF FUN. Click The Button Below To Book Your First Class.

Burn Over 800 Calories In A Single Class At Parma Ohio's Best Fitness Kickboxing Class


Results start happening within the first 2 weeks. Muscles lift and tighten as the fat starts melting off.


Our secret is in the combination of Striking and kicking the heavy bags while incorporation HIIT training.


Only gym in the area with Spring Loaded Safety Floors. ZERO impact & body feel great in this FUN class.

What They're Raving About

"Lost Over 25 lbs"

"I've already lost over 27 pounds. I have more energy, am more mentally clear, and I am so happy I started kickboxing classes at Adventure Martial Arts. I have asthma and since starting I can breathe a lot better and have more energy throughout the day. I recommend this to anyone." - Amber S.

"Lost 21 lbs"

"I tried other fitness programs and this is the only one that worked got me to lose 21 pounds. It's a friendly atmosphere and constant encouragement to achieve my health goals. I feel guilty when I can't get here, it is a great stress release hitting these bags and getting my body in great shape" - Barb S.

"Lost 15 lbs"

"I originally signed up because my thighs were rubbing together. I have already lost 15 pounds and my thighs don't rub together anymore. I just love the fitness kickboxing classes at Adventure Martial Arts." - Claire N.

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5785 Ridge Rd. Parma OH

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